Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dev Darshan Devil Darshan

March 15, 2009: 0206 hours
Just 10 minutes into the movie, and I did not feel like watching it anymore. I’d been craving to watch it ever since I read in Bombay Times that the producer or some guy related to the movie was not happy with the way Dev D (too dark) had turned out and wanted it re-made though Kashyap was not budging, but still I wanted out of it. I still sat through the duration of the movie, dint wanna create a scene for a small mindfuck. Lied that I loved the movie, reminisced the good scenes and dialogues with others, and swallowed the fact that I need to see it again. Something did catch on, the dark nature of the movie combined with the harsh realities – love and hatred, ego and scorn, life and death. I do wanna look at all the characters closely again, maybe at home on a DVD.
I need to get out there and do something. I want to buy shades for myself. I wanna learn to play the guitar. I wanna buy a new phone, just for the heck of it. I wanna ride the cycle on the highway. I wanna fire a gun, if not shoot someone. I want to ask for forgiveness, and get rid of all the thoughts in my mind. I wanna forget numbers and start afresh. I wanna booze without realizing it. I wanna read and never forget. I wanna turn on the computer and not gmail/gtalk/facebook/orkut. I don’t wanna be Dev D – I wanna be d DEV!
Dj (demented)

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