Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Boring ideas in(to) my mind!!!!

April 04, 2008 – 16:18
Bored (I guess if ‘bored’ is not how most of my blogs start, it at least appears once in the opening sentence) is what I was 2 hours back. I have come to hating the idea of staying at home and watching television. Chatting with a couple of friends from college, I had to let them go live their lives in Mumbai while I am grinding (hmm) in Hyderabad. Last night was amazing, the 3 of us just nearly relived every moment that we had placed in our ‘penseive’ while in college, and are gonna talk about I guess every time we meet for the rest of our lives. But I rue that it had to happen on a Friday night; the whole week I’ve been missing Mumbai like crazy, and last night’s call will just aggravate the ‘missing’. I’ve already planned to go home next weekend, and watch Fast and Furious, the movie which godknowswhy hasn’t released in Hyderabad.
So, there I was, in the living room half dead, when it struck that I could take Madan’s (room-e) bike and go places. The heat is a killer here, and even though you don’t sweat as much, the brain would have started simulating a sauna had it not been for the eyes! But then, IMAX was handing out free tickets with two 1.5 liter Coke© bottles, and I wanted to catch up “Kung Fu Panda” for a long time, so I headed out in the sun with my new shades on my dreamy eyes. Well, it wasn’t as sunny as I’d expected, but that just lasted till I took out the bike, after the fiery air started pricking my skin. Then I remembered that my ex roommate Sachin had called in the morning and I started out 18 kms towards Begumpet to meet him. Your resolve starts to weaken when it’s already weak in the first place and you start feeling like an idiot after you go over your idea again and again. I took a left from Hitec instead of the straight I was to take.
Well, did not feel so bad, ‘cause seriously, I had no idea what I was doing. I saw a nariyal pani wala who gave me nice refreshing (refreshing for 5 minutes) coconut water for 10 bucks. Then I rode ahead where I found this nariyal pani wala who was selling for 5 bucks, and I remembered the Murphy’s law I had read just yesterday – “Once you have bought something, you will find the same item being sold elsewhere at a cheaper rate.” Well, I obviously chuckled and went ahead with my mini-Hyderabad darshan. I reached JNTU, and I couldn’t help but pull over to view the amazing coalescing of two clouds to just block out the sunlight. I actually owe it to my Polaroids, else I would not have been able to view it properly. It also prevented me from crashing into a truck on the same way! I went to Talkie Town and got 4 “8x10 Tasveer” tickets for the night. Now I am back home, thinking of the heat that April and May have in stow for us, the dwindling amount of work in office and how I was gonna plan my next visit back home. Sachin will have to wait another mood-swing.

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