Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random shit

Dumass better than a smartass anyday!!!
Man, those were the days... I used to like to write... I loved the fact that my life did not revolve around television, studies or peeling myself while playing cricket... And I did not have to write for someone (thats what I kept telling people initially, but actually you do imbibe a certain level of decency in your blogs once you find out others, especially girls, are reading your blogs), it was more of a word doc which I keep for the times when I wanted to read something that wasnt a text book or a magazine. But now, I've missed so many instances where I witnessed something amazing and wanted to pen it down then and there, but I was technologically under-equipped and had to let it pass. Life aint a Google labaratory, where new things come out of it everyday.

My love life was cut short by my arrogance and my workaholicism (is that a word, too lazy to check), even before it started. Man, she was perfect, and I cannot do justice by using any other word, she was just... perfect! But then life teaches you lessons, and how, so you never forget... I'm sure I wont... There are others who do forget, I will not... You need to respect a lot of things in a relationship... 1. Dont be a smartass 2. Respect time and other associated metrics, but mostly time 3. Be yourself 4. You cant always be right, and there is a chance you're never right, accept it 5. Dont write blogs (trust me on this one) 6. Be good friends for life

The asshole: Well, did you know that there is one person who becomes your asshole for the day? Now, not everything goes right everyday and you need to have somebody to blame it on. Maybe it was a small thing, but had it not been for this small thing, the day wudda been perfect, right!! So you need to have an AhOTD! The point I'm trying to make is not who becomes your AhOTD regularly - how many people actually consider you to be the AhOTD!!! I know I win it for quite a few people everyday (my team members, my immediate friends, etc etc), and its fun... zzzzzzzzzzzzz Sleep is getting the better of me, so buzz off allya... adios!

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