Friday, June 12, 2009

4giv me Piyush 4 I have 4gotten

June 13, 2009: 0525hrs
Hmmm… Why, why, why!! Why is this world turning upside down for me? Why is the feeling that I’m going to die a pauper becoming stronger? Why is my forgetfulness getting the better of me? No answers!
This time its Piyush’ portable hard drive - the one electronic upkaran that he really adored. The one device that held his movies in folders arranged according to the rating assigned by him over a long and careful period of time. Rajat, why did you have to give me the hard disk to hand it over to Piyush! Why did I have to leave the hard disk at Kranti’s desk before leaving for home? Why didn’t Kranti look over his desk before packing his bag and give me a glimmer of hope by saying that it was there when we left? No answers!
I know that Piyush is going to freak out in the morning (or whenever I can muster up the courage) when I tell him this. He has never been mad at me; the best he’s hurled at me is a scornful look and some abuses muttered under his breath for whacking him too hard on his back. I was insisting on a fight club some weeks back, I guess we are going to see one after dawn tomorrow. It has been a sleepless night for me, literally too.
Once I recalled that I had (mis) placed the hard disk at Kranti’s desk, I turned to ask him if there was anybody in office who could check. His friend did that for us, uneventfully however. Then I heard some movie scene playing in (Piyush) Mittal’s room, and I thought to myself “GOD PLEASE LET HIM HAVE FOUND THE HARD DISK”. Alas, he was playing some movie on youtube, ‘since the hard disk was with Rajat’ (boohoo) On top of that, India lost to Windies. Some start to a weekend!
I met my good friend Dushyant online on Facebook. Dushyant, Deloitte FAS, was in office. I was thinking whether or not to go to office to check for myself when Dushyant asked me to drop by. I thought, two reasons better than one, let’s go. Kranti was asleep, his bike came in handy. I sped off to office in his bike, and after reaching there, chappa chappa chhaan mara for the HD but to no avail.
Met Dushyant @ Barista. He was his usual chirpy self. Talked about how things were finally shaping up for him, and all the remaining bakar. Chit Chat Chit chat, then his work. Got a Frappe, gulped it down, chit chat, twas fun. We chilled for around 2 hours; his boss finally came back with some response to his email; he sent all his already drafted emails and we were on our way.
I dropped him to his place and was home in the next 10 minutes. Poor Mitesh, I had to wake him up to get the door open. I came into my room and find both Kranti and Piyush cuddled up in Madan’s bed and my bed respectively. Power cuts are a pain owing to the rains and here we were in one, because of which our inverter-ed room becomes hot property due to the fans :P I go to Piyush’ room to pen this down, since it has been an adventure. It has been 4 hours since I left to find his HD, and unsuccessful as I am, I still don’t know how I will tell him. I will have to reimburse the amount, how will I ever reimburse the emotional value attached to it.


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