Friday, March 19, 2010


Blogging - what is that? Isnt that one of the techniques to virally market a product?

I remember when I decided to blog for the first time. I used MSN spaces for that karyakram (since many of my friends were using it then), and man it was fun. I had so many things in my mind waiting to explode and I felt there couldnt have been a better medium. But as soon as I started writing, the words werent coming out like I wanted them to. It was difficult trying to make sentences seem interesting, so that at least I would feel like reading them sometime in the future. Add to that the habit of using the chatting lingo, which I was still contemplating whether to use proper language from the beginning or come back and correct each and every word that was missing that uncaring vowel. But I decided that my blogs were not meant to be graded or valued, and nobody reads a blog keeping in mind the grammar or the order, so I just let it be (Its a pain to read now). But it sparked within me this interest to keep jotting down the things that had happened over the past few years, the incidents that I felt were worth putting on paper or the current happenings that were important to me. The motoblogs are something I will cherish for the rest of my life, as they tell of the experiences I had doing what I loved most in life - driving. Its a different story now, being away from my car for so long and having taken to riding bikes, I think that powerful feeling of gaining command over the road will never come back. Maybe a long drive with some good friends should be able to reestablish it.

A lot has changed since the last time I blogged (it was on this site, shifted to blogspot for no apparent reason). No longer self-dependent, I am pursuing MBA with one of the premier institutions of the country (My friend described IIM Indore that way on facebook, and I kept wondering how I should reply; but it didn't matter, some other colleagues did not hesitate in displaying their sarcastic side while replying to the comment). Just 10 more days to go, I will be completing my 1st year exactly 9 months from the day I first set foot here. Adding Hyderabad to the list of cities that I adore (Mumbai was the only other one), I really felt Indore would be as promising. Although there were the initial apprehensions, I have come to terms with this academic jungle consisting of both carnivorous animals called professors, some omnivorous animals that reside in a cave called the pgp office and then there's the herbivorous kind - us, that feed the carnivores and some of the omnivores! For me, this place has been everything but a learning center. I have tried to involve myself in almost every extra-curricular activity there is. My interest in sports has been rekindled again, and inspite of gaining a good 10kgs, I feel fit and energetic. Still, I'm dying to go back home now. A 3 month term is more than I can take; really feel like shit!! Got an exam tomorrow, and havent even opened the book. In fact, had 3 days holiday only for this exam, and still no motivation, not cos I know that the contents are not gonna help me in life 'ever', but just cos I dont want to, period.

Let me end it with some crap - Your body and mind will never work at full capacity if they are friends with each other. Make them fight and you will see them perform at their best!!

P.S: Needs some rest after the performance. Recently did a 42-hour-no-sleep-thing; supposedly I have entered depression.

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