Saturday, January 1, 2011


Well its not everyday you get this feeling of putting some words in your blog. The last time I felt like writing was when I was late reaching home from Indore by 3 hours. But I was home then, and I wasnt going to waste another 20 minutes in Mumbai trying to make myself feel useless - I've got IIM-I for that! But today is different. Its a new year, and I can see that I have been a lazy ass all this time to have not posted since April :@ Blogging is fun, and you may forget a lot of points that you wanted to shower in the post when u had that thought of "aaj ek blog banta hai", but you also come up with newer things to say (like this one)

Sad to say, but the transition between 2010 and 2011 was very smooth for me. I came back from dinner and went to sLeEp!!! Not that I was looking forward to anything better than a game of cricket, but still, you dont sleep on NYD!!! At least I can tell people I took a nap in 2010 and woke up directly in 2011 (bah!!)

Ah, new year resolutions - the promises that you never have to keep... I think, other than losing 25 kgs, I dont have any major resolves... I also think I should eat right. Living outside home is a new experience, but it should not spoil your palette so badly (had to take a break while writing this blog coz I have loose motions, mummyyy!!!)! I also want to tour Japan, but a discussion with Ashu right now made me realize its possible only in 2012 (that is, if Japan doesnt drown or anything!)

Sigh!! I definitely need to keep my blog updated - for myself!!! Writing is bliss... You can write whatever you want... Oh yeah, that reminds me, a week before new years, I'd decided I will be honest and frank about everything I say or do. Its a tough one, dont think I'll last long...

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