Friday, April 23, 2010


Once I bet 5ooo Rs with my mama's friend Abhijeet on the point that Dark Knight still stood third on the IMDB Top 250 charts, in spite of knowing that Abhijeet was in the movie line and probably checked that list everyday. He bet it was sixth. I did not have the money to spare, but even then, I did not want to show my diffidence and lack of information. He was right; he checked it that very instant on his PDA leaving me tongue-tied and rueful for being an ignorant prick. Its not a great feeling, losing a bet or anything, but if you know your place before even playing the game, then it doesnt feel too bad, does it? He spared my arse and thankfully I did not need to take up an extra job to pay off my intentional inpudence! :)

For the last 3 weeks, I have been roaming the streets of Mumbai conducting surveys of unsuspecting citizens who run away or give you 'the look' unless you tell them you're a student. The travelling is the worst part - the measly 80 bucks I get for a day's travel combined with the super sensational sweaty summer ensures that I lose not less than a liter through my sweat glands! I even unintentionally followed a dog that was marking its area, wizzing on every possible vertical thing it could find, which made me sprint as I passed it by. The city is alive though, really on its toes, 'nobodys got time for noone' and getting somebody to hear you out is difficult especially if you're a guy, even more if you're fat and dont look like a student! Ah well, its been smooth so far and I hope it ends well.

Today I'd gone to Marine Drive to finish off the surveys for confectionery (I will be starting a new survey next week). Well, you meet different people there too. While many just like to walk or jog in the breeze that the sea brings with it, there are others who like to sit near the promenade and talk. You see a lot of couples cuddling out there too, and I tell you, its not a good feeling. Sigh!! Being alone at Marine Drive surely aint funny, and definitely not inspiring. But it is amazing, and sitting there on the concrete watching the sun set makes you forget the world for a good 5 minutes. God bless Mumbai...

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